Launching Collective Voices

Letter from the Editors - October, 2009

Thank you for joining us for the first issue of Collective Voices! Several factors contributed to the creation of this magazine. First and foremost, we wanted to give disability studies students a voice; an outlet through which to express ourselves creatively. As students so much of our time is spent on academic writing for classes, exams, conferences, publications, and hopefully dissertations. This magazine is intended for the other stuff…

Anthology of Zombiology

Posted by K. Caldwell - October, 2009

Collected works from the first inclusive conference on zombie rights -- While the recent popularization of vampires in modern culture may have breathed new life into studies of the undead, there is one population that remains overlooked – zombies. Consequently, those who identify as such, persons with un-death, remain disenfranchised and underserved by society. Not as romantic an endeavor, Zombiology as a field presents two main challenges to young scholars…

Capitalizm: The Political Economy of Zombies

Book Review by V. Cuk - October, 2009

A minority group of Afro-Caribbean origin; zombies have historically been discriminated against within societies who have overwhelmingly designated institutional or peripheral spaces for this group. It is widely known that zombies are highly photosensitive; however, without any accommodation from society it is impossible for them to fully participate as citizens. A groundbreaking theory by Alistair Moneybags attempts to provide new insights into the discrimination and “lived” experience of zombies…

The Consequences of the Costume

Posted by R. Parrey - October, 2009

There is a certain Halloween costume I’ve seen online that lets the wearer become a zombie, but not with make-up or a mask. This "costume" puts the wearer in an all black outfit to which a zombie body has been affixed. As the black-clad person moves and dances so too does the life-sized zombie marionette. The costume only works if the wearer is thought to disappear completely…

Crip the Mass

Posted by K. Caldwell - October, 2009

On the last Friday of every month hundreds of Chicagoans gather in Daley Plaza for Critical Mass. While most noted as being a sort of controlled chaos for avid bicyclists, Critical Mass has developed as a spontaneous community. Friends that you see once a month and share an unforgettable ride with. In theory the Mass is apolitical, but many people are driven to become part of it for their own reasons…

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